Monday, November 30, 2009


I love texting. I do it constantly. But, even though it is oddly still legal in Florida, I don't do it while I'm driving. Outside the car, though, I am like a fiend on my little QWERTY keyboard. My best friend and I have long conversations with our fingers - back and forth, back and forth. We do it all the time because we can type fast.

The only problem with texting is that sometimes, and with some people, it just isn't fast enough. Plus, my phone only lets me use 160 characters before I have to press 'send' and start another one. Then I have to go back into the main menu, through 'messaging', 'send text', 'text message', and select the recipient again, all before I can continue my thought from the previous text. Not everyone types as fast as I do, and some people don't have the full keyboard. They have to press 'PQRS' three times for each 'R' in "terrible", just to describe their day! That is what my mom has to do.

If I were more electronically inclined, I would invent something faster than texting - something that could practically read your mind, it would be so fast. Then, because I created it, I could name it. It would need to be something user-friendly, something simple that could easily become part of our everyday venacular. Something like...


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