Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mary Poppins Inspires Anarchy

The kids and I were watching Mary Poppins today. Them for the first time, and me for the 8 billionth time. Remember it? It's a great movie about a totally disfunctional family who knows how to sing and the nanny who comes to save them all.

I mean, really, the two kids are angels compared to kids today (my own not included - they really are angels) but both have massive inferiority complexes. The mother is a closet feminist - dancing through the streets for the right to vote during the day then gliding smoothly into the role of doormat as soon as her husband comes home. And the father, well, he's what we would now call "a prick". I can't see Julie Andrews saying that at all though.

But in the end, he turns around and realizes that he would rather be flying a kite with his kids than working. That was the part that got me - he'd rather be flying a kite. Okay. Makes sense. Then he tells his boss off and dances away with his family.

That was when I realized how fantastic life would be if we all came to that conclusion. Every one of us could dance out of our places of employment to go fly kites. The telling your boss off part could be up to the individual - I happen to like my boss, so would skip that part.

Then I came to my second realization - not many of us know how to fly kites. And not many of us would want to fly a kite. Hmm, too bad - he looked so happy.

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